Over the past few weeks I have resumed my habit of making breakfast smoothies. My current "how do I even do this, what was working when I did this last" recipe ends up as a dark, cool grey sludge with almost-black-purple bits floating in it, and when the sunlight coming in the window glances off of it, there is an iridescent sheen.

It is the exact opposite of visually appetizing, but I know *exactly* what's in it, and it's a pretty good way of sneaking Actually Healthy Stuff into my diet when I have no energy for actually making or eating real food. it sounds like it matches your site's aesthetic prettyw ell though lmao

@anthracite Hee, when I make smoothies they come out about like this, too. Maybe more purple than gray. 😂


I have long cultivated a personal aesthetic of "opposite of visually appetizing", so I approve. 💙

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