Persona 5 keeps on tellling me that I am getting points in these stats, then bringing up this screen which stubbornly refuses to budge from 1 in every stat. There’s no point assignment either. Just “you got a point!” and no actual change.

@anthracite it's a threshold system where you rank up at various total amounts of points (visually indicated by the star getting bigger in that direction). the game, afaict, never actually *explains* this.


I suspected as much given that it *does* somewhat explain the friendship level system, which has nearly identical “hey you just got a point” symbology.

It’d be nice to actually see it tell me I’m like 7/10 of the way to An Actual Point though, geez.

@anthracite It's a common frustration with the series. If you've only started the game, there will be places coming where you'll be able to speed it up a bit.


I’ve gotten like a dozen points in Intelligence and it still only says I have one. Pretty annoying!

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