Saw an article on filter bubbles & echo chambers that was asking why people associated with those who largely agree with them.

Spoilers: It's because I don't associate with those who think I should be legislated out of existence/public life, sterilised, electrocuted, or drugged.


but you must CONSIDER the OTHER VIEW! And do it CONSTANTLY!

ugh, fuck that attitude, I am so glad Masto lets me just fuckin' block whole instances.

@anthracite when I was young and less nuenced I used to be very into the whole "but we must consider both siiiiiiides" idea. Then I realised that was fine for most things but when it was "I want to live" vs "We want these people to not exist" then just fuck that noise.

But yes filtering whole instances can be a nice option I'm pretty lazy about it as the most active person on my tiny instance but I periodically see some block recommendations come around and add a batch.



And really when you get down to it, we wanna hang with our friends, right? And friends generally have interests and attitudes in common; is it a "filter bubble" if my queer ass hangs out in the town's Rainbow Flag district and regularly runs into friends there?

But no, the whole Internet's got to be one big community with no filters, mostly because that makes more money for the people running places and insisting on that. Fuck that.

@anthracite Indeed I think there's a distinction to be made between actual *social with friends* networks and public/global social media.

I like reading the stuff people I know put on twitter but I'm aware that that site has a strange global/public reach. Helpful to get a feel for the wider world but less chilling out/chatting with friends and more global-delphi-pool and also dangerous exposure to arseholes and advertising! crap (used to create algorithmic filters to try and sell/anger me)

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