Blargh I think my laptop’s battery is broke, it keeps on running out of power around 10% even though I’ve done the recalibration thing. It’s saying “service battery” too. Pretty sure it’s still under warranty at least. I wonder if there is anywhere in town I can get it serviced that’s not closed for the ‘rona, there’s an Apple Store out in a mall in... oh god I don’t wanna go to Metairie right now, they have absolutely no mask edicts in place and, well, NOPE.

oh god when I go to Apple's site and ask for a place to bring it in, it shows NOTHING in New Orleans, I ain't going up to Baton Rouge or Shreveport or something. If it keeps deteriorating then eventually I'll decide it's better to mail the thing off but right now? I can deal, and hope it doesn't get worse until shit opens back up.

@anthracite Is mail-in service offered? Apple keeps switching that in and out. Works really well when it's made available.


Maybe, I should check. Maps says there's a third-party Apple shop in the actual city, if they're an Authorized Warranty Service Center I think I'd much rather go there than into Suburban No-Mask World.

Apple repairs 

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