Well this looks interesting. - “a payment platform that is democratically owned and controlled by every creator who uses it.”

(Thanks to @weird_hell for the link!)

@Tathar @anthracite @weird_hell

I haven't played with that control style. Also, what is that in reality? I apologise but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to search it up proper

@Tathar @anthracite @weird_hell

All those words sound good together, which makes me consider optimism. But optimism for me automatically leads to disasters, so I'm building no expectations, only planting a small seed of hope and letting it sit.

Whether it sprouts, I will only know when it is time.

Fingers crossed. ^_^

@Tathar @anthracite @weird_hell

(Oh, and thank you so much! I know these days searching is usually the better move, saves other people's time, etc. But I knew that I just don't know a lot about co-ops, or honestly economics and business, overall. I'm just some writer, lol.)

@sydneyfalk @Tathar @weird_hell

I know far more about drawing than business! Everything I know about business has been largely learnt by making, or being close to someone else making, huge expensive mistakes.

@anthracite @Tathar @weird_hell

I had a smidgen of business classes while getting my degree, so I know enough to fake it but also know enough not to do it? If that makes sense? XD

I can design a product, an ad campaign, a restaurant... and they'd probably be workable or mostly workable. They're researchable things, after all.

(But I also have no interest in finding out the exact value society has for me; I fear it is lower than zero, and I fear for the consequences if it's too far in the other direction. 🤣)

@sydneyfalk @anthracite @weird_hell

To be fair, I only know about this specific type of co-op because good people told me about it.

@Tathar @anthracite @weird_hell

People are a very difficult thing for me, particularly of late. That's probably why I had never heard of it. ^_^

(Also, kudos for reinforcing that learning is often a collaborative process, not an alpha/omega struggle of who gets to be the "smartest" or "best"! It seems nearly all of us forget this at times...)

@anthracite @weird_hell

I'm simultaneously hyperintrigued and terrified about what an 'interview' would actually cause for me psychiatrically! It'll probably be very "exciting"! 🙃😇

Maybe if things move forward I can request a text interview... 😬

@anthracite @weird_hell This looked interesting until I looked at the fees page. I dunno if I'm missing something here but it looks to me like these guys aren't a payment processor, they just use Stripe and then charge creators an extra 2.5% for... something? Which takes the fees up to over 5%, yikes. I can't figure out what this company's actually doing, except being a middleman.

@ifixcoinops @anthracite my guess would be hosting. They might be taking something in repayment for development costs, but hosting and maintenance cost money.
Also, as far as I understand: not a company; and patreon takes its 5% before payment processing costs, so a total cut of 5% beats patreon's 7.5+%

But yeah, none of these services are ever anything but middlemen and organization. But paymemt requires a middleman to be convenient, so it is what it is

@ifixcoinops @weird_hell

consolidating payments to multiple creators in one payment to them, same as Patreon - Patreon isn't a payment processor either, and takes 5% off the top before the processor has their cut.

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