Sometimes I worry that Patreon is going to implode due to the needs of trying to make a profit.

What if we nationalized it? Jesse Helms gutted the NEA, we have very little in the way of support for the arts in this country any more. Change that. Stop trying to make Patreon pay a bunch of Bay Area salaries, plus whatever piles of VC they owe, off of their cut.

It'd still probably have problems with assholes like Helms attacking it for making it viable to make stuff they don't like, of course. i still really really want to make a Patreon competitor, but I can't afford to deal with the bank law stuff >.<


Yeah, the bank law is a huge hurdle. So’s whatever demands the payment processor may make.


I'd almost want to see something run privately as a co-op or something instead to try and keep the religious right out of it.

@anthracite I think that's probably the biggest real danger to Patreon. From what I can tell, they're pretty sincere about wanting to help artists make a living, but they've taken so much VC money that they're likely to have to start trying to woo real megastars to the platform, which will skew their focus and support for artists making less than full-time income.


Their focus has been skewed towards trying to turn everyone into a youtube megastar for ages already!

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