Now to find a CD player for when I need to use this particular spell...


so @zebratron2084 suggested that I need three more copies, a 5-disc CD player, and a copy of Apollo 18 so I can shuffle this with Fingertips. I countered that what I *really* need is three more copies, a 5-disc changer, a CD burner, a copy of Apollo 18, and a blank CD, so I can make a copy of Apollo 18 that is NOTHING but the Fingertips because it is *obvious* that mixing Vexations with The Statue Got Me High is a terrible idea.

@anthracite @zebratron2084 see also Hall Of Heads, Dig My Grave, Turn Around...

I had Dinner Bell stuck in my head for three days last week, and while it's not inherently creepy much at all, it does take on a less benevolent tone after three days.

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