Man I sure do bet this snailmail from "Domain Registry" in Jersey City is gonna be a scam.

"Your domain is expiring soon and you can renew it for 1y for $50, 2y for $90, or 5y for $190! Visit us at"

let's see, who did I have at... was it gandi or domainmonger? Domainmonger. Where it is gonna be auto-renewed for another year for all of $18, same as I've been paying since 2004.

Yeah y'all can fuck right off, Domain Registry of New Jersey.


If you want a surprisingly fast joke response sent to them I can be at their door in 20-45 minutes.


Thanks, but nah - I already threw the letter in the bin so I couldn't tell you where to go even if I *did* come up with a good response!

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