Sometimes I wish there was a program that would wedge deep into OSX and change how keyboard shortcuts are displayed in the menus. I have remapped capslock to be command-alt-shift and would really love to make the system just show ★ in the menus instead of ⌥⇧⌘. And ❖ instead of ⌥⌘ since I also mapped fn to that for most keys.

I am sure that Apple's current security model makes this nigh-impossible to implement.

Also I really wish Illustrator would let me get the control key involved in my shortcuts, fuck cross-platform compatibility, I have every allowable shortcut assigned to something (⌘, ⌘⇧, ⌘⌥, ⌘⌥⇧) except for thirty keys.

@anthracite I’ll bet the first part could be done by swapping in a customized version of the system fonts…

My idea is to take San Francisco, and insert two custom ligatures, so the sequence “⌥⇧⌘” displays the ★ glyph, and “⌥⌘” displays the ❖ glyph. Though, it *would* take a type wizard with more specific skills than I have to make that happen 🤔


Hmmm! That's a good idea. I certainly have the tools for ligature-fiddling. I *think* I have figured out which of the 47 variants of San Francisco is being used on the menu, though the actual set of fonts lurking in /system/library/fonts is broken up into even MORE files. Now do I feel like trying to remember how to get Glyphs to create ligatures.


Hmm. Looks like this method is gonna require getting around SIP and I don't want this quite bad enough to turn that off. Drat. Good idea though!

@anthracite Oh, for sure. As you surmised, anything that could do this systemwide would require SIP off, unfortunately.

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