goddamnit why do neither of my books on Norse mythology have a family tree for quick answers to questions like "who was Thor's mom, anyway? Freya? or was that his wife? Or both?"

I bet my copy of D'Aulaire’s has one but I don't know if I even still have that or what box it's in if I do have it, feh.

(also I feel like Thor's parentage is a thing that I should just KNOW but I do not, also wikipedia tells me that he's born of Odin and Freja.)


also this is spawned by me commenting on a bag of COLESLAW that has some kind of Marvel tie-in going on with a picture of Thor and Nick and me making jokes about Thor's Jewish mom who fed him a lot of coleslaw or something

@anthracite it hath mickle VITAMIN C that does grant the Odinson's BODY well wrought to survive e'en the FOULEST of UTGARD'S winters. #ForAsgard

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