So after a conversation on a walk today, @zebratron2084 and I are contemplating two bets:

1. Somewhere in the next twenty years, a mathematician will come up with some mathematical entity that requires a single symbol to represent it, and decide to use an emoji for this.

2. Somewhere in the next twenty years, a mathematician will use U+1F4A9 PILE OF POOP (💩 ) to represent a mathematical entity they have come up with.

@anthracite @zebratron2084 I would bet on 1 immediately and should probably bet on 2 as well...

- 🦎

@anthracite @zebratron2084 I have yet to see it in the literature (not that I've looked recently) but Mathematica has a "Wolf" symbol that's a stylized angular wolf head. It's almost the 🐺 emoji.

@dodec @zebratron2084

now I wanna know what it says if you try to do a calculation with the wolf :)

Wolfram Alpha just tells me all about the animal if I ask it about 'wolf':

@anthracite @zebratron2084

It treats it as a symbol, like any letter. So you can define a wolf function, or do things like this:

@dodec @zebratron2084

I feel like I find this image funnier than I should, somehow.

@mkinyon @zebratron2084


I am sure I will not UNDERSTAND this but we will both be delighted to know we caused people to end up referring to things like "💩₃" :)

@anthracite @mkinyon @zebratron2084 here’s hoping it’s either used to make a really bad pun, or 💩 on someone’s cherished theory by disproving it.

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