So there is this meme I saw making the rounds.

I looked at this for a moment. And I sighed, and rolled my eyes. And I typed this. With some help from Wookiepedia because I sure did not know the names of the Cantina Band until ten minutes ago.

Man fuck all these guys, I want a film about Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes and their path through the world of Jizz music. Was their appearance in the Mos Eisly c...

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Ok... so this pitch is really incredibly simple...

We open on Lucas being committed to a retirement home...

@anthracite I think they're asking the wrong question. It's not who it's which genre. The additional films were awesome because they took the SWverse and went somewhere other than space opera - Solo was a heist film, Rogue One was a war movie. So they haven't done sword and sandals fantasy (Ep II hints that'd canon!), gothic horror (Vader has a *castle* surrounded by lava and weird cultists!) or stoner/roadtrip.


I guess my answer is basically the same idea, except with a list of questions I'd ask if I was writing a pitch for a musician's biopic!

also "stoner roadtrip except Star Wars" sounds awesome, I am gonna assume it is basically gonna be a feature-length version of "This Is Not Frank's Planet".

@anthracite I think my answer winds up being "Chewbacca gladiator film" when I think about it more.

Seriously none of the options they listed were really appealing. There's all these bounty hunters we don't know much about compared to Boba Fett, and c'mon, the series has LANDO. You've got this awesome conman living hand to mouth, talking his way out of all kinds of situations, he deserved more than being an adjunct to Han.


Brilliant idea! But what do we call it?

"Gettin' Busy with Jizz"?

"Jizz Across the Universe"?

"Jizz on Stage"?

"Figrin D'an and All that Jizz"?

@anthracite Boba Fett is good for one thing, pretty much - if someone says they're a big fan of Boba Fett, it almost invariably means they're a complete asshole, with very few exceptions.

@anthracite on the balance, i would be happier if i knew *less* about Yoda.

also, the movie i wanna see is Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes versus the Max Rebo Band at the Bespin Battle of the Bands to save the Dantooine Civic Center from being bulldozed and replaced with a Kuat Ship Depot and Used Droid Emporium. also Jaxxon is there. he's the DJ and he doesn't say anything.

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