Also Hive Time is completely free because the bees just want you to enjoy having bees <3

More Mega Bundle notes:

Widget Satchel is a super cute platformy puzzly thing that is also kind of really frustrating and annoying. I played it for a while but I'm not sure I was actually enjoying myself.

@anthracite That was pretty much my conclusion on it, as well. It's a neat idea with a cute aesthetic, but, in the end, it's a collectathon platformer with a negative feedback loop on collecting.


The "collecting more stuff makes you jump lower" is conceptually really interesting, but yeah, pretty frustrating in practice. There's also a HUGE frustrating hump for me between getting the first couple of power-ups and the rest, you have to start playing levels perfectly to collect all the trinkets and not lose any to the garbagebots.

@anthracite I try to frame it as a $10 game that's accessible to people who don't have money rather than a free game per se.

It's important to me to try to strive for a world where financial hurdles aren't a barrier to cultural participation, but I'd still like supporting creators (especially independent/unfunded ones) to be the default position ^_^


Yeah that was a mischaracterization on my part. :)

Sharing vs making a living is such a weird dance, I put all my comics out for free thanks to Patreon, myself.

@anthracite Yeah, it's a tricky space to navigate. So far, all of my own projects are either Free, free or obtainable without money.

So far, Patreon hasn't been enough to cover any of my living expenses while developing, but it's still enormously valuable and moving/motivating to know that there are people who want to support me like that!

@anthracite this bundle is so huge and every rec is Highly Valuable thank you

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