One lonely copy of the Illuminatus Trilogy on a bottom shelf at Octavia Books. Just waiting. Waiting for the right person to come along and have something important turned inside out for them.

@anthracite to be fair I frequently suggest The Invisibles is a 90s version and we all know how well parts of that aged.

But yes reading it at this point I worry I'll find more misogyny and racist tropes than expected and proto individualist dudebro anarchism rather than feeling as inspired as I did.


I mean also "conspiracy theory" is not the domain of comedy any more now that the US has a president actively engaged in spreading them. Back when it was written, and when I encountered it, conspiracy theorists were cranky nutcases in the ass end of America with no power who were fun to laugh at.

@anthracite I actually hadn't thought about the conspiracy theory angle but yeah okay I can see that, in the time of your current administration, Q, all the 5G nonsense, the UKs fuckup of epic proportions, maybe Russia fiddling with a lot, global rise of the right - it's quite real.

Then again I wasn't around then but I always think of its writing period as a time of classic conspiracies and government paranoia but again, wasn't there so I don't know.


There were certainly conspiracy theory types back then, the book’s genesis was supposedly that the Bobs were editing Playboy’s letter column and got a lot of kook conspiracy rants. “What if they were ALL TRUE?” they asked, and answered it with the book.

But you had to go looking for them. They spread via mail, not via YouTube pushing you towards whatever gets the most ad impressions or via “ironic” racism on 4chan and it’s ilk turning out to be a gateway to actual racism.

@anthracite I think its because I came to it around 00 at Uni as someone who'd already had a few years of net and bumped into Subgenii, Discordians, Fortean Times , etc and watched stuff like the Xfiles mass popularise conspiracy theories.

To me it felt like a continuation of those sorts of themes, like a whole look behind the curtain that was being waved aside anyway.

Because yeah I was primed by other stuff and didn't think about the fringeyness of conspiracy by post at the time of writing.


yeah it was pretty much the same for me somewhere in the early nineties, I'd run across the Subgenii, flipped through stuff like High Weirdness By Mail, even played the game based on the trilogy...

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