Passing thought: Managing multiple windows on tablet computers is terrible and awkward, and once tablets become cheap and light enough to easily have a few available, it should be replaced by an easy way to shove data between multiple tablets. One app, one tablet.


Would multiple tablet clients for a desktop pc used as a mainframe be acceptable? I know you could do this with remote desktop, but security...


This sounds... fraught.

I mean really just have a solid OS-supported way to cut and paste/drag and drop from one tablet to another one on the same LAN and you're like most of the way there, maybe a good way to say "open this on the tablet I am about to go poke at in the next few seconds" as well, I get the impression most tablet "multitasking" is for shit like "writing an email about a document that's up in another window" and the occasional cut and paste? I dunno, I find iOS multitasking so damn awful that I just turned it off because I got sick of accidentally opening links in new windows instead of new tabs, it just Does Not Work for me.


Yeah, it's the opening a file automatically on another device that
s got me caught, not really experienced with iOS or tablets...

There might have been some old network designs that could do exactly what you want, but the software doesn't seem like it would be modern enough for tablets...

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