Show me that one weird animated clip you saw on TV at 3:47 at night and weren’t sure wasn’t just a dream you had for the next twenty years.

This is mine - - and I still have not found the actual video. At least I know it definitely existed.

@anthracite Gotta be honest, that summary on the site doesn't make it sound any less unreal.

@anthracite You pretty much literally described me and this clip of 'The Running Man: Neo Tokyo', which I saw on MTV's 'Liquid Television' circa 1992 and wasn't able to chase down until a few years ago: (CW: gruesome anime death)

@anthracite honorable mention for the related phenomenon of stuff you watched as a little kid and completely forgot about until years later, which was what happened when I saw Dire Straights' video for 'Calling Elvis', which used footage from Thunderbirds: (CW: typical male gaze music video stuff)


Don't have an animated clip, but there was this low budget sci-fi movie about (evil?) cyborgs on a sleeper ship that I saw a part of at a sleep over in the late 80s early 90s that I have never been able to find any trace of.


Holy fuck that was a beautiful time capsule.

(And a full seven years before Beavis and Butthead did similar Trashy Teenager schtick...)

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