Persona 5 has suddenly turned into Archetype Pokémon. This is just a weird ass game.

@anthracite (... this sounds way more confrontational than I meant given the lack of tone.)

@anthracite Aha. Yeah, the Shin Megami Tensei (aka ‘megaten’) games are the main series that Persona is a spinoff from, and they tend to be Archetype Pokemon, so to speak. Usually with a formula of ‘protagonist plus three demons’.


Ah, okay. All I really knew going in was “rpg where you gotta juggle having a Normal Life with all the fantasy bullshit, also really really pretty, and the PS store finally reminded me existed when it was actually on sale”.

@anthracite Yeah, the Normal Life stuff is Persona’s deal. 3 and 4 didn’t even have negotiation.

And yeah, 5’s got an undeniably *fantastic* aesthetic.

@anthracite Funny story about that... The Persona series is a spinoff series of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, in which the first installments were the inspiration for the mechanics of Pokemon.


I shall probably not even begin to try to channel them all.

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