So apparently Teslas have a problem where eventually they write so much logging data to their internal SSDs that they wear out the chip. And while apparently some things still work, you can no longer charge the thing. And it is stupid hard to source a new one.

This future, geeze.


I knew we were living in cyberpunk times when I read the words "the world of illegal underground hackers cracking the firmware in John Deere tractors," but reminders such as this continue to have me shaking my head.

@anthracite This was a firmware issue that I’ve heard has been recently patched. The eMMC chips are actually easy to source, but the problems are to replace them you need to be proficient with surface mount soldering/reflow work and you need to copy the data from the old chip to the new one before soldering it on. Requires tools and techniques that are above the level of most mechanics.

@foxwitch @anthracite Don't take your tesla to a mechanic, take it to someone toting a cyberdeck...

@foxwitch @anthracite ooooo

How long until we see Louis Rossman showing how to reflow these chips on his channel?


my car hit a buffer underflow error and the throttle got stuck at such a high level i'm now trapped in 1786

@anthracite Wait, why on earth is the ability to charge dependent on a single unrelated component? :blobconfused:


Presumably the code around charging falls over if it can’t write? Dunno.

@anthracite @Jo I understand Teslas are awesome to drive, but they seem like failures when it comes to being long term reliable transportation.

@anthracite cars literally have the same lifespan of smartphones now, lovely

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