Feature thought:

When replying to someone, what if their profile text was pulled up and placed somewhere near the box you were typing in, to give you a better idea of who the fuck they ARE in this modern nightmare hellscape free of all signifiers of a person beyond "their choice of username and maybe an icon, if you're lucky"?

This thought is somewhat inspired by the blog post I just wrote:

The Internet, considered as a mirror.

@anthracite that one ability every rpg has where it shows you the enemy's hp and weaknesses, but for social media

@anthracite I hope it's okay if I tag this idea of displaying their bio when replying to someone as #SocialWeb

I try to use that hashtag as a collection of ideas that might improve social media, and a tag I can dig into when I get to build something.


Feel free! If I had more time I would consider trying to hack that up for my Masto instance.


Similarly, on Tweetdeck (not on Mastodon coz it doesn't support it yet), I have my *own* post history pinned next to the "new post" column, so if I start to post a massive whine or angry rant or political whatever I get a reminder of "is this really the person I want to be on the internet?"


(it's immensely reassuring to look back through one's posts and reply posts and feel "yes I like this person this is a person I would be happy to be")

@Snapai @anthracite I cannot count the number of times I written something and then just closed the window.

@Kyreeth @Snapai

Been there. Mostly on Hacker News and Reddit. But I have definitely BEEN THERE.

@anthracite I'd also *so* love being able to make a little annotation about how you came to know this person. Like, 'did awesome livetweet of Robin Williams in Toys' or 'used to know on Livejournal' or something.

@anthracite I guess stack up compressed little cards with them on under the toot editing box? Having the description and 4 fact boxes could be good as a lot of people use those for pronouns and other useful facts.

This doesn't sound beyond the pale as there's already the name complete dialogue so it's already parsing accounts somehow. I just know bugger all about modding masto to add it. If you stick it in the github suggestions list I'd definitely give it a thumbs up.


Yeah I should open a suggestion issue, every single reply to this is liking it.

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