We're going down for a few minutes again so I can make sure the new media drive is 100% up to date, and switch over for it. See y'all in a bit.


And we're back. "A few minutes" turned out to be about a half an hour, oh well.

Moving media from a 300 gig drive to a 24 gig drive will help make this place's funds more sustainable.

Next up, somewhere over the next few days: moving the main drive back to an 80 gig drive. I bumped it up to a 160gig drive for the update and the monthly fees for that will more than eat up the savings we get by shrinking the media drive from $30/mo to $5/mo. But not today. I got art to do.

@anthracite does Mastodon support S3 or B2? Those might be much cheaper options than a dedicated attached drive.


yeah, I haven't wanted to get into bed with Amazon or pick an alternative.

We also only have like 24g of media now that the remote deletion task is working again, so I don't really feel like it's something I need to spend time on. :)

@anthracite understandable! FYI BackBlaze B2 is way cheaper than S3 and also has nothing to do with Amazon so if you do decide to look into cloud block storage at some point it’s an option to keep in mind.

@anthracite unfortunately it uses a different API than S3 so it’s not quite a drop-in replacement. But I use it for my personal offsite backups and it costs like $5/TB/month or something similarly ridiculous.


Most likely I'm probably gonna look into Jortage, a S3-compatible bucket that's designed for use by multiple Mastodon instance, and does a fair amount of deduplication. jortage.com

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