Awrite stylish dragons, I'm gonna push a couple of minor changes (unbreaking the default masto style, making the 'backwards' style work again, telling apps that our length limit is 7777). I may be able to do this without taking down the instance; as always, if it's down, see what @egypturnash has to say.



And we're back up, shift-reload and you should get new CSS.

@anthracite @egypturnash


With this update, Tusky recognizes the 7777 character limit! I no longer have to wrestle with mobile Chrome if I go over 500 characters while on my phone!

Thank you tremendously!! ♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕

@Phorm @egypturnash

You're welcome! Sorry I never did that tiny change before.

@anthracite @egypturnash

Eh, I chalk it up to Tusky being weird. And I'm happy to keep thinking that!

@anthracite @egypturnash

using the Rumblings theme--the "show thread" links (and other links) have really bad contrast here and the highlighted Notifications tab text/"Back" text in local TL is unreadable :( (headings on the settings page are also really hard to decipher, but those don't really matter)

@dhivael @anthracite @egypturnash The scrollbars also don't have a lot of contrast - they're bad in every theme, but almost invisible in Rumblings.

@dhivael @egypturnash

yeah, I should probably restyle those sometime, they're pretty annoyingly dark. Thanks!

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