Okay. Update day is here. I got the Rez soundtrack playing on the stereo and I am ready to get this done.

Keep an eye on @egypturnash for detailed updates as this happens.

Oh hell yeah the media clean task is actually DOING something now. Soon our monthly bill will be lower. At last!

Media drive is down to 75% after grinding through about 135k of 593k entries. Dang this is gonna be NICE to see the final number on later tonight.


So yeah the media drive has gone from 95% full to 8% full. That's a whole year of cached media from other instances that we finally got rid of. 276 gigs of stuff down to 21, most of which is probably ours - I only kept the past three days of remote media.

Tomorrow I plan to get this task running on a regular basis again, then work on shrinking our disc usage to bring the monthly bill back down to $notmuchatall.

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