Hey fellow types: is there a better way to customize my instance's names for things (toots, favorites, boosts, etc) than editing en.json and en.yml?

@anthracite i don't know if this is better or not, but we created a new locale (en-CY) for the cybre customizations. since it's a sub-locale of en, it falls back to en.yml when new strings are introduced (and allows people to opt out of the customizations if they want to). our branch is a little complicated at this point tho bc we also did some stuff with timestamp formatting


Debating if I wanna do that instead of merging all my changes into en.yml/json...

@anthracite this feels like something that should be settable from the admin screens, and serialized to a YAML file for export to another instance.

@anthracite I just edit en.yml but yeah it can be painful with the merge conflicts.

@anthracite have been asking same for nearly one full year. Current answer for me is no customizing at this time at that level if (as at hosting through I am very pleased with, and having a clear answer of ‘at this time no’ is entirely acceptable. My guess is eventually much more customization will be possible. In the meantime there is always the Church of the SubGenius for entire brain customization.

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