trying to decide if I wanna put more money into Epic for this or just wait a while and see if there's a OS4 release. I have been following its development forever

@anthracite the mailing list said that the PS4 version is still under development (but presumably coming soon)


Thanks! I’ll wait for that then. It’s a ton easier to kick back with a game on my PS4 than my Mac.

@anthracite @chr

also included with Apple Arcade, if you have iOS 13 devices and are paying the $5/mo for ALL THE GAMES. (recommended if you have a device that supports it)

@kistaro @chr

So far I have resisted Apple Arcade, as I have resisted all other streaming services. I still like owning a copy of something.

@anthracite @chr yeah, reasonable. I guess I’m used to the “paid access to game library” thing, I subscribed to GameTap twelve years ago and Apple Arcade is a better version of the concept.

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