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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

I was afraid that designing Nemesis Kirt and Noa would take forever but it turned out I was already like 90% there for Kirt. An hour and a half saw Noa coming together and the finishing touches on Kirt.

They ended up looking like the sleazy dudes trying to get you to inject a weeds on a Very Special Episode of something animated by Nelvana. But that's fine. They're, like, living mushrooms or something, after all.

@anthracite You do such wonderful texture contrasts on these designs. They both look unsettlingly planty, and Kirt looks like he probably stole that lovely pattern and glued it to his outfit.



That pattern should look familiar when you actually sit down and read both sides back to back. 😇

@anthracite look if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to drive when you’re stoned, you know you’re messed up so drive like your hands are straight!