Shower thoughts: hey what were those books about alien people who breathed vacuum that Ganan Wilson illustrated. Marvin Mooney? (Actually it was “Matthew Looney” followed by some books about his sister Maria)

And then I remembered a fragment of something even weirder. An old kid’s series about the “Mushroom Planet”. I bet I would make so many jokes about drugs if I dug those up and read them now. I don’t think I wanna though, they were from the fifties and it doesn’t sound like they really held up to being read by anyone past the age of eight even when they were new.

@anthracite I vaguely remember the Mushroom Planet book(s). Very weird, but I don't really have much of a recollection other than it was unimpressive when I read it at like, age 8-10.


Oh damn, I remember taking that out of the library but cannot remember a damn thing about it.

@anthracite Same. I also remember being into Danny Dunn and Tom Swift (the early 80s iteration).

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