Sudden flashback to how much I was sad, depressed, and constantly fighting suicidal ideation when I was living in Seattle. I don’t miss that shit at all. Don’t miss the lack of sun. Don’t miss that untraceable hum filling my apartment so I had trouble sleeping. Don’t miss living in a place rapidly becoming unaffordable for an artist to live.

@anthracite Josh and I were talking last night about what it'd take to move away. The egregor is hosed.


The only part of the city that felt at all healthy to me was Fremont. Carnival energy actually exists there, unlike the rest of the city.

@anthracite I used to like the scrappy energy of parts of Pinehurst and Lake City, which were secretly fantastic and incubated some wonderful things. A decade ago, Lake City was the Persian district, if you knew how to look, and you could get saffron ice cream in any number of friendly little shops. That's been pushed out and Lake City feels very, very grim now.

@anthracite I guess the energy I'm looking for is less carnival than Daniel Pinkwater. Once every so often I find a little of it. Mostly I find it in Bellingham.


I feel like Pinkwater energy is definitely "city that is affordable to goofy people who don't have to work every waking hour to make rent unless they have one of five Very Boring Adult Jobs". A little run-down with weird nooks and crannies.

@anthracite That's it exactly. Not much of my natural habitat is left anymore.

@anthracite 😅 (I live there rn and I've definitely thought about booking it out of the city. I don't know where I'd go, though.)


I’m lucky, “going back to the city I grew up in” was an attractive choice both financially and culturally. Though possibly terrible when considered from a climate standpoint.

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