I am vaguely amused that (a) I didn't realize Apple was rolling out new things today until someone I follow started livetooting their response, and that (b) not a single one of the things Apple rolled out today makes me wanna replace my four year old phone, or my five year old ipad. Really I can't see replacing either of them until they break or get lost.

Or until e-paper gets to the point where Apple's willing to make things using it. I want to be able to sit outside without a shade hood so bad.

@anthracite the tech is *almost* there: the e-ink tablet is probably sub-par for a pro artist, but i got a chance to play with a coworker's, and was completely floored at how well it worked for basic doodling. *expensive*, though, and limited software-wise.

@anthracite that'll be a while. iirc e-ink pixels are still so chunky that the 3x resolution boost from staying grayscale is still worth it, which is a shame when it comes to still-hypothetical comics-optimized e-readers.


and when it comes to even more hypothetical Magic Art Tools :)

@VyrCossont @anthracite Even if it’s black-and-white, I just want e-ink that can replace my two 2560x1440 displays. Unfortunately I haven’t yet heard of anything that big.

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