Huh. Did you know that if you use Avast anti-virus, they are tracking every single thing you click on in your web browser, storing this, and selling this data to marketers? - scroll down to the “methodology” section.

@Thaminga @anthracite It's that "Red Queen's Race" I keep talking about. Parasites and immune systems, in an arms race that will last for as long as there is life, or even as long as there are complex systems...

@Thaminga @anthracite (How this all ties into my feelings about Christianity, leftist countercultures, and/or the Internet is left as an exercise for students of the obvious. ;) )

@anthracite ah, well then

been considering switching to a different AV for a while so now I'm definitely dropping that one

what are good AVs nowadays? are there any free ones that are any good? honestly I only really need a manual scan one probably

@Felthry @anthracite Windows Defender is good enough for most people if you're running Windows.

@Felthry @anthracite AVG is more or less the best reviewed free Windows option out there right now

@ShugoWah @anthracite see we used to use AVG and switched to Avast a while ago because AVG did something fishy that I don't remember now

@CoronaCoreanici @anthracite @LexYeen Malwarebytes and Windows Defender are the only non-malware anti-malware programs 😄


Well yeah, in the last 4 years Avast has been a downspiral of paranoia-inflicting advertisements, intrusive browser addons, and startup slowdowns. As soon as that started showing up I switched away.
Sadly my parents still use it, and the custom secure browser that comes with it.

@anthracite can't say i'm entirely a fan of something that begs me to buy its privacy services when it's shifting my data for money behind my back

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