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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Trying to decide my plans for today. Definitely feeling like I need to start putting 'upgrade dragon style' on my to-do list again, it got knocked off by Barely-Hurricane Barry.

I am also two and a half backgrounds and one foreground away from finishing the first Parallax page of this month. There's another background-heavy page after that, then several pages in one location, which always helps my page rate.

Also there is some money juggling I should be doing to pay bills and stuff. But first I think I'm gonna have some yogurt, take a shower, and meditate. I have been lax on the meditation lately and that bugs me.

☑︎ insert yogurt in dragon
☐ cleanse filthy outside
☐ meditate
☐ figure out the rest of today
☑︎ transfer these notes to paper instead of the internet

@anthracite that first one sounds like a, erm, double entendre


Quite intentionally so, even though it really was just “eat some yogurt”.