Oh yeah I was gonna deal with's media disc being full but I got a little distracted by trying to decide if this tropical depression forming over NOLA is one that we should get ready to flee. Tomorrow, awrite?


I consulted a couple friends who’ve been here their whole lives and they’re staying so far. So that helps. Still stress though!


I don't know if there's anything special about over there, but in Florida, anything less than a cat 2 isn't worth changing plans over, unless you're beachside or in a mobile home.


This was usually my reaction but after two decades away from
New Orleans all my storm intuition is gone.


Mostly it’s that the river is already scary high, and the worst case projections show the storm surge getting to within a foot of the top of the levees. And the city is a big below-sea-level bowl.

Doesn’t help that the pumps broke the first time there was a really serious rain this year, too...

Ah. "Below sea level" counts too, for flood risk.

@anthracite I apologize if I have mentioned this already, especially given my memory issues due to the medication I take, but have you given thought to a S3 provider?

I'm not at all affiliated with anyone, only a happy customer, but Wasabi gives you free egress and through the use of a small cache in your `/tmp` folder via NGINX, there's no perceptible difference in performance :)

I recommend this solution to anyone running a Mastodon instance, big or small ^,==,^

@phobos_dthorga @anthracite

wasn't there a big move away from wasabi not long ago because it was so unstable and went down a lot? i think it was snouts that was hit pretty hard by that and went to s3 instead ...

@dhivael @anthracite Oh, I'm actually not aware of this. Do you have any links to verify?

Wasabi is an S3 provider themselves, or rather, they use the same/similar technology as Amazon AWS does. So if your project makes use of S3, you can simply plug Wasabi's details into it and off you go.

So far though, we've been extremely happy with them. Not a single issue so far. I'd really like more details though o..o

But it should be said that I'm *very* new to Cloud technology.

@phobos_dthorga @anthracite

sorry, can't be much help there. it'll be buried in snouts admin feeds somewhere, but fedi isn't exactly searchable ... and to be fair, it /was/ months ago so they may well have fixed everything in the interim. your experience seems to support that as well

@dhivael @anthracite Thank you kindly regardless, though I did find a post from the community leader (?) themselves :)

And yeah, Mastodon is poorly searchable. That's why I use hashtags so heavily #️⃣​


you're the second person to suggest Wasabi, I may look into this soon.

@anthracite I can help with the basics of setting-up if you wish, as I don't mind lending a paw here and there to the furry and otherkin communities :)

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