Huh, looks like the media drive's full again. Will deal with it when I get home, I've got comics to work on right now. :)

I really gotta make the time to see if upgrading the site will create the ability to actually hose the damn media drive out. Just flush out every image/video/etc cached from across the fediverse, including stuff boosted here.

@anthracite you know for like 5 bucks a month you can get an account at wasabi to host images for the site, i do it

@anthracite there hasn't been any significant change or improvement or anything in the "remove remote media" task for at least a year


Uggggghhhh, thanks for letting me know. Does it at least WORK again? It doesn’t seem to do a damn thing on the old version I’m on.

@anthracite it works but getting it to work as a cron job is a finicky piece of garbage

let me dig up what I have at the moment, my last attempt didn't work but this one has been I think

@anthracite so i have a bash script called which i have a simple crontab line to run that script every day at 4am

the script itself is in the attached screenshot

the backups script line is obvious, and the last line is a tool i wrote myself that removes irrelevant* old remote statuses from the database so you can ignore it

* those which have no local favorites, have no local replies, and are not replies to a local post


Thanks! I hacked one together last night that looked pretty much the same, modulo Docker. Though I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that the media cleaning task has just been Broken since my last update.

Also omfg if you have the spoons for it I would love to see that remote:prune task pushed upstream to the main project...

@anthracite i am pretty sure they will never accept anything that I push to upstream but it's a nice thought

I'd be happy to send it to you sometime, though

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