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Why has my desktop Wacom started to occasionally decide to act like my stylus is down even when I’m hovering the thing above the surface and moving around. It goes down and never comes up again. Updating the driver didn’t help, maybe a reboot will? Here’s hoping.

Reboot didn't fix it. But trying another stylus worked just fine. And then deleting the stylus I normally use on this tablet and adding it back in worked. Guess something corrupted a prefs file?

Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Or not, it started doing it again with that stylus. Other one's working fine. Maybe the nib *is* janked up? Or maybe the stylus is starting to die. I've got a spare somewhere around here, I just saw it in one of these boxes...

Yay, I found a spare. Hooray! If it works for the evening maybe it's time to go order a couple more Grip Pens or Pro Pens off of Wacom, the Pro 2 pens don't work with the spring nib and I kind of hate the solid nibs.

And now to get into drawing some utterly absurd fox-genie titties I've been procrastinating on getting back to.


One of my styluses got retired because of a nib sensor that wouldn't reliably penUp. I still have it as a backup just in case something happens to my new main tho'


I have like four or five styli around here somewhere. They kinda proliferated a while back.