Hey, if I wanted to learn a bit about multi-unit tactics, what would be a good game to play?

Ideally either something up to two console generations old (so emulation is easy and solid), or PS4/Mac.

I'm not looking for an exhaustive simulation, just Baby's First Tactics. Ideally with some in-game hand-holding on basic tactical considerations because I know next to nothing...


Probably more turn based, I don't think trying to think about something I know fuck-all about at high speed sounds like a good time!

@anthracite Frozen Synapse is an OS X game that has cyberpunk theming, but it wasn't my speed either. Still might be worth a look.

Personally, I've liked Invisible Inc.



I got Frozen Synapse and never got too far into it. Should spend some more time with Invisible, Inc...

@anthracite @Phorm

Seconding Invisible Inc.

Also, the Shadowrun games are good for tactics, and are available on most platforms.

@JulieSqveakaroo @anthracite @Phorm

If you got a Switch (as opposed to being a switch 😁 ) the Mario & Rabbids game is a surprisingly deep tactics game that's pretty easy to get into

@JulieSqveakaroo @anthracite @Phorm

Ah, scrolled up and saw PS4 only, apologies

I'll cosign Invisible Inc, and Into the Breach - while on the hard side - has a reverse-time mechanic that helps you learn how things can go wrong with it. It's a roguelike, so plan to fail until you succeed if you try it out.

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