Hey, if I wanted to learn a bit about multi-unit tactics, what would be a good game to play?

Ideally either something up to two console generations old (so emulation is easy and solid), or PS4/Mac.

I'm not looking for an exhaustive simulation, just Baby's First Tactics. Ideally with some in-game hand-holding on basic tactical considerations because I know next to nothing...

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Thanks for your suggestions, everyone!

Right now I am gonna fool with Into the Breach, I also have a ROM of the first Fire Emblem in English. Mmmight fool with Xcom Enemy Unknown if Steam ever decides to let me get past the age verification page.

@anthracite You just mean tactics games? Honestly it can be really in-depth but I didn't have much trouble with Disgaea 1 as my first tactics game. Came out on the PS2 but there's definitely a remaster for Switch, maybe for PS4 too?


Are you talking like tactics in general or like people vs tanks vs helicopters?


like, you have a squad of people, and you give them orders, and they fight... assorted shit, really, it'd vary through the game?


Well, old XCom or its remake are both good.
If you don't mind extreme old, crescent hawk's inception, and mega mek will work for the battle tech thing.

Final fantasy tactics is also pretty good though I'm not sure what systems it is on now.

Wasteland and fallout 1&2 are also good tactics rpgs, though they tend to be all human on human/human on monster


I forgot a super obvious one
Shadowrun Returns, it's 5 years old, runs on osx and is really fun!

@anthracite Into the Breach is my personal favorite and has a Mac release:

@anthracite It's very good! Has a very nice combo of being fast to play, with short constrained stages, with the unlocking options mostly all being sidegrades/strategy changes as opposed to strict upgrades. As you play it/get better at it, it opens up new strategies and play styles to tinker with. Also the story itself is pretty neat for being told in a fairly constrained fashion (basically just a few pilot comments and mission briefs)

@anthracite I honestly would suggest X:Com Enemy Unknown/Within (the first of the current gen x-coms) its good for drilling in small fire-team tactics like cover, flanking maneuvering, situational awareness, and how important logistics and intel is to a fight. Since I've got most of the missions and variations locked in, I know what my force requirements are, and what roles are always important to have highest ranks in.

@anthracite And there is a pretty decent mac version available, and its on consoles too.


Probably more turn based, I don't think trying to think about something I know fuck-all about at high speed sounds like a good time!

@anthracite The older Fire Emblem games are pretty well renowned and turn based. Should be easy to emulate, too. I could never get into the story or aesthetic, but they are wicked popular.

@anthracite Frozen Synapse is an OS X game that has cyberpunk theming, but it wasn't my speed either. Still might be worth a look.

Personally, I've liked Invisible Inc.


I got Frozen Synapse and never got too far into it. Should spend some more time with Invisible, Inc...

@anthracite @Phorm

Seconding Invisible Inc.

Also, the Shadowrun games are good for tactics, and are available on most platforms.

@JulieSqveakaroo @anthracite @Phorm

If you got a Switch (as opposed to being a switch ๐Ÿ˜ ) the Mario & Rabbids game is a surprisingly deep tactics game that's pretty easy to get into

@JulieSqveakaroo @anthracite @Phorm

Ah, scrolled up and saw PS4 only, apologies

I'll cosign Invisible Inc, and Into the Breach - while on the hard side - has a reverse-time mechanic that helps you learn how things can go wrong with it. It's a roguelike, so plan to fail until you succeed if you try it out.


I recommend Particle Fleet: Emergence and Fre Emblem as a beginner entry, as you get a bit more secure I would highly recommend trying the OpenXcom project.
The large amount of mods and features in the base game allow for a lot of varied tactics compared to modern games.

@anthracite Anything in the Final Fantasy:Tactics line or maybe Advance War series. Depending on what you are going for, Both Starcraft games are solid. If you dig 40K the first Dawn of War (plus expansions) is lots of fun.

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