I cannot decide if the ex-Irem folks doing a Kickstarter for R-Type Final 2 that lasts a mere week is a stupid move or a super ballsy one.

It’s a day old and mostly to its 416k goal so I guess it’s ballsy. Wouldn't be surprised if the main point of this campaign is to prove there’s enough interest in one more run down the Bydo timeloop to get corporate funding.

And yes they have my money. I missed out on Final for assorted reasons.

@anthracite Cripes, now that I see they're just making it for everything, they've got mine, too. Really hope these people know what they're doing, but I'm willing to gamble a bit on it.


They’re pretty much all ex-Irem and a lot of them worked on the other R-Types so I feel like they certainly know how to R a Type. Whether they can navigate the extra bullshit a game Kickstarter brings is anyone’s guess. Here’s hoping.

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