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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Are there actually people out there who refuse to read any unfinished book series just because George R R Martin and Pat Rothfuss are high-profile series-finishing-failures? For real? Sheesh.

@anthracite what about if I also don't like waiting long enough for a next book to forget everything that happened in the last one?


That’s a valid choice! Though IMHO the first page or three of the second volume of any continuing saga really should be dedicated to “okay here’s what you need to know going in”, it’s tons more friendly for both new and returning readers!

@anthracite do you have an example handy of a series that did this well? I feel like I've seen it before but I remember it being pretty hamfisted


My favorite example offhand is Jo Clayton’s “Skeen” trilogy. Book 2 has a page that is just a straight synopsis of book 1, no attempt to cloak it in characters talking to each other or any suchlike. Just the author talking directly to the reader, saying you can feel free to skip this if you don’t feel a need for a refresher. Book 3 did the same except it took like 3p to cover everything she thought you needed to know going into the last volume.

There are also examples like Discworld where Pratchett could pretty much be relied upon to explain the general cosmology of the setting near the beginning of every book, as well as take care to introduce recurring characters. But that’s a series where each book is designed to stand alone...

@anthracite Discworld is a good example. I'll maybe check out that other series! Thanks!


I don't know as I've read any unfinished book series, but I somehow doubt a series of books that are individually entertaining and imply an ongoing storyline, would be more disappointing than a book series that gradually grinds into the dirt as the author runs out of things they actually want to do with the world but is still determined to "finish" it.