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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

I was gonna sit out by Popps Fountain and draw but it’s closed right now. So I found this gorgeous oak to sit under instead.

@anthracite holy crap that tree is intensely wiggly and spooky looking :)

Also do you do the touching trees to say hello and finding out if they feel friendly thing? (I'm now wondering if I should try and start #TreesOfMastodon now)


It was much less spooky in person! Although I guess most of the old oaks in City Park are kind of spooky, there’s a strong tendency for them to spread out instead of up, and end up with a few big branches languidly resting on the ground.

And yes, I started doing that recently. Passed up another oak with a bench beneath it because he(?) wanted to be left alone, found this one who was happy to let me sit under her(?) branches.

@anthracite I think I was using spooky in a sense of being unsettling but also sort of magical so spooky as something *active* that could be good if perhaps something to be wary of leaning into without more investigation and building rapport.

It's good to find friendly trees, there's a big local park near me that has some friendly (because wilder space), and others that feel almost grumpy for the human intervention - the ones immediately outside are definitely in that camp because of pavements