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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Today I got the bed on Craigslist and got the art closet *mostly* packed up. There is still a scattering of stuff I'm gonna pack in it, and a shelf full of stuff I'm gonna put out for free. I don't think I should be shipping acetone, y'know?


...CAN you even ship acetone? I thought that was one of the things the USPS goes "uh, no" about.

@Edelwood @anthracite

You can, but it requires a lot of extra steps and materials. If you are only planning to do it once it is likely going to be cheeper to give away free and then replace than to ship.

@001zlnv @Edelwood

Given that I can’t even remember when I bought this acetone, or what project it was for, “leaving it on the curb” definitely sounds like the better plan. 😇

@anthracite @Edelwood

Not sure if you mean that metaphorically, or literally, but probably shouldn't leave that outside unattended. Kids and critters can really hurt themselves with it.

Household hazardous waste drop off?

@001zlnv @Edelwood

probably just gonna leave it for the landlord/next tenant to deal with, hazardous waste dropoffs are all way across the Seattle sprawl and I don't drive!

I feel bad about it but there's only so much time...


Yeah that’s part of why I’m leaving it behind too.