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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

When you find yourself standing behind a cop on an escalator, is it normal to find yourself wondering if you could yoink their gun out of the holster before they could react, or am I just a psycho?

@anthracite nah i think that's pretty normal

or else i'm right there with you

@anthracite well, it's probably easier to get it out rather than the taser, since they seem to keep their guns ready on a split-second's notice and you have to get an act from the governor signed in triplicate to start one even thinking about maybe un-snapping the taser, right?

@anthracite I mean, now I wanna steal the whole belt.
Not because I want anything from it, I just want their pants to fall down in a cartoonishly comical manner.

Done that, yeah, immediately hate myself for thinking of it, I think it's the sort of danger voice the brain spits out, where you can't help but think of the terrible details of what is bad about The Dangerous Thing In Front Of You

@starless @anthracite My brain does things like that too, yeah. I don’t think you’re a psycho until you start thinking that little voice’s suggestions sound reasonable.


The amount of times I wondered what would happen if I dropped the phone out of the window of a moving car...

Either it's normal, or we all are psycho :P

@anthracite I don't know if it's normal, but I think that kind of thought is pretty common

I think it's in the same genre as anxiety-disorder intrusive thoughts, if not an example thereof