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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Time to start looking for guides on interstate moves, omfg this is gonna be Work. Also time to get some quotes happening from full-service companies and decide if that's gonna be better in terms of overall cost/hassle...

@anthracite some trucking companies offer swap trailer or container rentals, that's usually a good middle ground. You load and unload yourself, but the driving is done by professionals (or they just put it on a train) and you also have the option of having it parked at a logistics lot for a few days if you need either house empty for renovations.


yeah, I did something like that when I moved to New Orleans the last time. My container ended up in an area inundated by Katrina and I had skimped on insurance. Not fun. Would've worked okay if not for the natural disaster though!

Really I might just have a yard sale next week instead and ship the bare essentials...