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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

I have stumbled back to my place in Seattle and I have changed the sheets that had been on the bed for longer than I care to admit when we left and I have lit a candle to chase away the musty scent and I have put in some fucking earplugs because that fucking HUM is still filling my fucking bedroom and my main priority for the next few weeks is GETTING ALL MY STUFF OUT OF THIS APARTMENT whether it be via shipping, selling, or the trash.

@anthracite Are you still willing to sell that big full spectrum light?


Very yes, I have absolutely no need for it where I’m going. I think it cost me like 300, make an offer and figure out how to get it to your place in a week or three.

@anthracite Not fraction as much as you but I will be SO GLAD once you are free of that hole. You are a dragon of the sun, not the cave.


thanks! There were sensible reasons to move here but they have evaporated.