Waiting to get on our plane back to Seattle. Really wish I could just wave a magic wand and have all my stuff be down here. But heck, a free queen bed and a couple end tables popped up in my friend network down here, so that’s few things sorted.

Mostly I really wanna move books and maybe the bookshelves I painted my fursona on, and a couple boxes of Mementos, everything else is bonus. I can find a new desk, monitor, etc.

Also holy crap I really do not wanna go back to Seattle at all. It’s just for a month. We have beads to remind us of where we live now, I’ll be back home soon.

@anthracite If there is a guest room at the new place, I may have to convince Ursula that we need to visit.


No formal guest room but I think we’re gonna try to get a couch that turns into a bed!


At least you don't have to move all these copies of Rita.


How many of them are cluttering up your garage right now, anyway? Been meaning to ask. :)

@anthracite I don't know exactly but it's a large number.

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