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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

I was just looking through an old folder of backdrops precisely sized for a monitor I used years ago and found this.

This is a picture of two of the stars of Parallax, back when it was something I was playing with as an idea for ultra-short sci-fi action cartoons that would be commercial bumpers. Well before Genndy's Star Wars show did that, fwiw.

Brush pencil on paper, Illustrator colors. The transparency on the windscreen had to be simulated manually because Illustrator didn't get transparency until 9 and this was done in 8.

Brush "pencil"? Brush PEN. Or maybe a brush dipped in actual ink, I dunno.


Yep! This would have been drawn on a clone Mac that kinda fell out the back of a computer shop a friend was working at, in fact.

@anthracite "clone mac".... i had forgotten there were such things. i didnt really jump on the apple bandwagon until like the year before they switched to intel. the g4 chipset was getting old and people were wondering when apple was gonna release g5 portables iirc

@anthracite ...i had a 17 inch aluminum g4 powerbook that i'd gotten as a graduation gift after trying out my partner's mac at the time

this isn't really relevant at all but i felt kinda nostalgic thinkin about old macs just now