Time to start working on merging all my little feature branches into the latest stable branch.

There's *got* to be a better way than this, I should do some research. trying to rebase from my main 'dragonstyle' branch becomes a hell of repeatedly saying "no I wanna keep this line I changed" to every single change the main repo made in files I've touched.

I think ideally I want to be able to say "okay figure out ALL the diffs between the 'dragonstyle' branch and 'stable-2.4.3', then interactively apply them to 'stable-2.7'. Maybe I should, like, actually read the manuals for Git and/or the GUI tool I use. (Which is Fork, if you are curious.)

tl;dr for dragon.style users: image uploads are still broken because the disc is full of other instance's media and the cleanup task does nothing, I'm about to go neck-deep into the code, pray to whatever deities you think are appropriate. I'm thinkin' Hermes is the most appropriate in the Hellenic pantheon for anything to do with communications?

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