Time to start working on merging all my little feature branches into the latest stable branch.

There's *got* to be a better way than this, I should do some research. trying to rebase from my main 'dragonstyle' branch becomes a hell of repeatedly saying "no I wanna keep this line I changed" to every single change the main repo made in files I've touched.

I think ideally I want to be able to say "okay figure out ALL the diffs between the 'dragonstyle' branch and 'stable-2.4.3', then interactively apply them to 'stable-2.7'. Maybe I should, like, actually read the manuals for Git and/or the GUI tool I use. (Which is Fork, if you are curious.)

tl;dr for users: image uploads are still broken because the disc is full of other instance's media and the cleanup task does nothing, I'm about to go neck-deep into the code, pray to whatever deities you think are appropriate. I'm thinkin' Hermes is the most appropriate in the Hellenic pantheon for anything to do with communications?

Also I am doing this while listening to some Tuareg rock and roll and that is pretty cool.

Aha it looks like

> checkout 2.7
> make a dragon-2.7 branch off of that
> git merge dragonstyle

may be doing what I want. Core git functionality, in the first couple chapters of the manual. Who'da thunk.

Damn that went a lot faster than the last time I did this. I got to use the cool diff GUI tools and everything, too. Time to stretch and finish processing the pot of tea I had while doing this, maybe relocate to another cafe, and see if my local development instance works with this new code.

If it does then we will be going down for an update sometime this evening.

Sometimes I wonder if I should switch my local dev installation over to Docker just so I don't have to manually hassle with stuff like "updating the version of Ruby".

I'm beginning to suspect that "getting the local dev instance back up" is gonna be where I stop for today.

WOOHOO I have gotten as far as updating the third and last set of Mastodon's dependencies. I might get my local dev instance to the point of the db migration tonight!


Coming home. Rentals are overdue and I’m gonna deal with them.

@anthracite oh kick ass thanks for the pointer! I dig north African stuff in general, but didn't know many Tuareg musicians other than Bombino, who I figure you might not know, and deserves a shoutout;


I basically found this dude by looking at this week's Bandcamp highlights. :)


Table top games would lead me to believe we either need incense and holy oil to invoke to favor of the omnisciah, or to just like get on with fixing it to gain favor with Triune.

Which you want?


Probably the better route there, the other guy gets all weird about innovation and AI.

@anthracite Prometheus wouldn't hurt, either. Maybe he'll swipe some code for ya.

Nice guy! Keep an eye on your purse.

If he asks "May I borrow your spleen?", it is not an internet joke.


git added a command for exactly that in one of the most recent releases, but the syntax escapes me right now :(


Oh that's good to know! I won't be questing for something impossible.


well damn, seems i have to take that back. i was thinking of something related, your problem seems unsolved to date. :(

in a situation like that i usually cherry-pick each commit separately and ugh it's a hassle.


hahaha figures, I guess I need to sit here and grok the whole freakin' git manual or something.

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