Why do I have *four* absolutely identical copies of some songs in the iTunes Folder. iTunes does not know about these copies in most cases, it just shows one copy in its database that points to "trackname 1.mp3". Or another duplicate, never the original. Is this some weird glitch with iTunes Match?

Thank you, Doug's Applescripts. is slowly pruning my Music directory down from 300 GB. It may take a bit but I might actually have a hope of fitting all my stuff back on the Air once it's done...

All my music files are gonna end up being named "Trackname 01.mp3" and part of me hates that but I *never* see the filenames any more.

Also apparently part of how you get this is by dragging an album's worth of mp3s *and* a m3u playlist that lists them all. Which is how most music from Bandcamp arrives. So don't drag the directory any more, future me, just drag the files OR the m3u.

This is a pretty epic file deletion, the script says it found 17.5k files that aren't in iTunes's database, and iTunes says I have 18.2k songs. Still not 100% sure everything will fit on the Air but it's gonna be a lot closer, to the point where throwing away 94 gigabytes of old .ipa backups I will never need might do the trick.

Oh and by the way if you are tired of watching me talk to myself as I try to migrate from this battery-fucked Macbook Pro to my old Air, then hit the ... next to this toot, choose 'mute conversation', and you'll only ever see more of this thread if you actually go to my user page. :)


heh. i distinctly remember never having seen that option before in the web ui. turns out you can only mute conversations you're a part of?

(not that i want to mute this one. seeing that others have gripes with tech too is somewhat cathartic. :})


oops, I am wrong then. Huh. I wonder if that's a feature worth suggesting.

computers make everything easier until the point where they most emphatically Do Not...

@anthracite I always find data migrations like this both fascinating and mildly terrifying.


It's kind of turned into spring cleaning at this point. And has eaten up a whole day, as I kind of expected it to...

@anthracite Digital spring cleaning. I seriously need to do this. *makes a note*


I recently attempted to deal with that situation in iTunes and eventually gave up. I guess it's something like iTunes importing file information but not the actual file and maybe that happens multiple times but then you can chose to haev iTunes copy the whole file into whatever folder it happens to like better than any folder you may have already set up... Augh.


fwiw a couple of Doug's Applescripts helped me out, first in deleting all the dupes automatically, then in figuring out which files I accidentally deleted all copies of so I could pull them back off my backups...

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