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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

My second game of Cultist Simulator ended, with me consumed by Dread once more. Pity, I was starting to understand some systems.

It unlocked some new starting options and uh I feel kinda called out here...


I can't find it but I swear there is an Edward Gorey cartoon where a character declares "this and that".


Being a character in a Gorey drawing has kind of been Style Goals for much of my life. Not so much Life Goals what with them tending to die during the course of the story.


Painting can help you deal with the restlessness, if you find it hard to manage. And with a little money, you can get contenting dreams.


I ended up really leveraging that in this run, I got cursed on my first dungeon and managed to survive it by painting, painting, painting to generate contentment to chase off the Dread it kept dropping for a while. (In fact that same curse is what terminated the previous game.)

If you are desperate, throw funds in the dream verb. There's also a dance hall that might help in times of trouble. Dread and fascination are nasty but there's almost always a way if you notice the dread verb before it has grabbed the third.