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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

Stoned me: hey what if I did a Tarot deck with lenticular imagery

Sensible me: sure we can just put off all the other projects for a year or two and do that.

@anthracite *marches Olivia up to you and makes her give you the Big Pleading Kitty Eyes*


And Alecto huddling in a dark corner whimpering.

getting excited about unfeasibly time-consuming project ideas while stoned is such a Big Mood


They go into the big list of Things I Might Do Someday. Sometimes they come back out.



Oh, lenticular printing is amazing, but so expensive even for very basic pieces...

Though since the topic of a 2nd Ed. Silicon Dawn is on my feed, have you considered printing coloured transparent ink over the top of the UV black ink in the VOID suite?

The idea would be to give the sheen that shows the image a different colour than whatever light source is being reflected. Probably a pain to print but it would be a nice touch.


Hmmm! My initial instinct is that adding color to (VOID) is not a thing I want to do, and that's even before I start pondering what it'd do to the cost - the UV-cured spot gloss tends to double the cost when compared to plain CMYK. Interesting idea, though.