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Gracious Anthracite @anthracite

I just spent half the day playing Cultist Simulator as a Notorious Artist who dabbled in the occult and ultimately expired from a surfeit of Dread. So much for productivity today.

On the other hand before going down that rabbit hole I wrote some email back to a small press who has expressed interest in reprinting the Silicon Dawn. Art imitates life?

Cultist Simulator is neat and clever and I’m not actually sure I had fun playing it. Prettt sure it works better on a REALLY BIG SCREEN so you’re not constantly squinting at all the clever, clever text on it’s weird time-expiring virtual cards. It’s kind of compelling in the same way a clicker game is.

@anthracite I pretty much immediately go into options and crank up the UI size all the way; I'm kind of amazed it's as small as it is.


When it first started up it defaulted to trying to run at my machine’s highest resolution, which is something absurdly high what with it being a Retina display. And then after playing a while I can kinda see that making sense aside from the part where I’d need a magnifying glass.


It's definitely not a game to play in a hurry. I find it's landed somewhere between that mindset that has me playing CIV V for two entire days and the stuff that has a clicker game running in the background. Something that's involving but can be just dropped and picked back up at convenience.